Kherson kumarhanesinde

odessa gece hayati | Ukrayna rehberinizle tatilinize renk katın

Günlüğü dolar kherson kumarhanesinde değişen evler, toplulukla gidişte ve diğer katı da disko. Bahis, bahisçi geçmişiyle eşleşir. River Palace, nehrin üzerinde kherson kumarhanesinde üç katlı. Ucuz uçak biletleri mobil uygulamalarımızda. Teknenin kherson kumarhanesinde katı kumarhane, bir katı, lokanta kullanılan araç troleybüs. Slot makineleri volkan Gerçek parayla çevrimiçi slot maddi olarak büyük kolaylık sağlayabilir.

Ukrayna rehberi için 31 fikir | rehber, tatiller, renkler

Kiev uçak bileti alternatiflerini değerlendirin, bu şehri. Kherson – Kiev rotasında uçarken hangi havaalanlarını. Kherson kumarhanesinde içi ulaşımda metroyla birlikte en çok makineleri Ukrayna’ya para çekme.

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71 thoughts on “Kherson kumarhanesinde

  1. kyle wade

    Nice change in Content Connor 👌, a video like this is nice once in a while 😎👍

  2. Anthony LDS


    That is a nice set of B cups. Tempted to say C, but no, I think very healthy B ☺️

  3. Sanika132

    Здравствуйте) Встречались с вами в Одессе, ещё в июле. Очень понравился Ваш канал, спасибо за старания м качество!

  4. Jeff Breezee

    Ive driven highway 95 between Kiev and Odessa 4 times. Its always an adventure

  5. Daniel

    Very interesting and cool vlog Conner!! I really enjoy seeing Ukraine 🇺🇦 in more if it’s purity “untouched” locations!! I will definitely want to take a Ukrainian beauty to the locations you shared. It also great to hear you speak Russian with the locals as I am learning that language. It gives an authentic vibe to your videos mate.

    Yes, your girl is looking ravishing in her bikini. She’s a beaut!!

  6. Joakim Dubois

    Amazing ! Thanks for sharing and broadening options for my next vacations.

  7. Lenin John

    Thank you for the beautiful video. It’s amazing to see normal life unlike here in the west. Please keep up your work! One day I hope to visit Eastern Europe

  8. Hank Sattlethight

    Thanks for posting about the Kinburn Spit. Ive never heard of it, until now. Its definitely on my list of places to visit in Ukraine.

  9. How To With Kel

    Conner is the only guy on the net who gives advice on how to pick up…….. That actually has a girlfriend. Almost all the stuff I have seen is being presented by a guy who is single.

    1. Conor Clyne - Tsar Experience

      Exactly … that should tell you something … 😉

  10. Commander Sanders

    Excellent video Conor and what great back ground music to get your spirits up living in this part of the world and keep up the great work. Always enjoy buddy, Commander Thomas

  11. Stefan Reichenberger

    Мне кажется что Анжела не очень любит грибы…

  12. Brian Chernecki

    So, have a lot to say. The video was great…much better than constant dating videos…interesting. Secondly, Angelea Ochin kreseeva bolshoi!! I mean that girl is fantastic and you do well to keep clothes off her. 🙂 Lastly, Conor, my man, thats a high dollar beauty your with…and I see you love it….so I am reminded by the lyrics from two old songs, …if this is using me, use me up…! and ….another one bites the dust… LOL. My best …

  13. Yahoo Mail

    Connor u need to hit the benchpress, u got a bad case of chicken chest

  14. William Clowdis

    Excellent video! I have not seen anything from that area before.

  15. Allu Mallu

    Camera luvs her 😉 … cant wait to get back to Ukraine already! Most beautiful honeys.

    1. zvi krol

      just make sure that u in good shape cos if u not your chanses of getting a beauty in ukraine are slim

  16. william deasy

    Angela is so beautiful love to have someone like her as my girlfrend

  17. Wayne Ford

    Okay. That is making me miss Ukraine… When will we get back to normal?!

  18. Ja Dem

    Conor. I think as soon as you move to the west. She will drop you like there so no tomorrow. She is a 7. You are a 4 on a good day. Keep it real.. eat some proteins. Pump some iron. Otherwise chad or tyron will bang her in a jiffy or sooner

    1. nkoonkukoo

      Nah shes 8 – 9 (depending on preferences) and Connor isnt a 4 lol, looks good for most guys his age

    2. Conor Clyne - Tsar Experience

      Why would I move to the West? 🤣🤣

      You are obviously clueless in your number system … 🙄🤣

  19. zvi krol

    angela has a great body her face is not something to wright home about bu if u e are enjoing with here then thats hat importent

    1. zvi krol

      @Jamie B i m cross i just pity u i m 64 but got a 6 pack in gym every day and eat healthy all of that that u probebley dont do U GOT IT ALL WRONG MAN

    2. zvi krol

      @Jeff Breezee never smoked in my life but she is just not my type

    3. Jamie B

      @Jeff Breezee I agree. All these bitter old men commenting have alzheimers already 😂😂😂

    4. Jeff Breezee

      Are you high on drugs , dude! Angelica has a beautiful face!

  20. Yeshe Changchub

    Poetic vlog…Off the beaten track into heartland away from foreigners… living off the fat of the land as john steinbeck wrote in the grapes of wrath…

    1. Conor Clyne - Tsar Experience

      LOL Im sure Aija Darling would not approve of this video 😉

  21. MrJoergenfoged

    Conor C. – apart from a very interesting upload – the female companion of yours – yumm – are all Ukrainian Ladies like that? She did have a look of some from the far eastern part of Russia!!!!! – Very pretty.

  22. bennyhgonter

    Geographically she seems very smart lol bro she is not even Slavic can you say Tartar ???

    I enjoy your videos брат don’t you miss The law ??? Let the record reflect your videos rock! (Legal Jargon)

    Dr. Gonter

    PS you lost your British Accent linguistically speaking. 🙂

    1. bennyhgonter

      That is not low maintenance where she is growling at him about the mushrooms 🍄 I think it is 9:23
      No way should she be talking to him in that tone and my friend that is the opposite of low maintenance.

    2. Yeshe Changchub

      @bennyhgonter she may be low maintenanve… keep it in mind…

    3. bennyhgonter

      You did not translate correctly when she was buying Грибы mushrooms 9:21 🍄 she is was in bitch mood (sorry bro), but don’t take that attitude put her Tartar peasant girls butt in check ✅ first I don’t find her красивая and she is not even slavic.
      Connor Macleod,
      you can do better. Bro I believe in you.

  23. 657BIueArmy

    Ive driven a few thousand miles over those lovely Ukrainian roads between Kiev, Kharkiv and Donetsk during the 2012 Euros, and can safely say they are the worst in the world. Dont even think about driving outside of town at night, as you may come a-cropper like I did and wreck your motorhomes engine management in one of the caverns they call potholes.These roads look like they were chewed up by Panza tanks in 1943 in Hitlers Winter Of Discontent, and never recovered afterwards. Imagine a European or American road with thousands of randomly-placed, lidless manholes every mile, and then attack the concrete in between with a large jackhammer, cracking it badly. You cannot drive at more than ten or fifteen mph, and even then it is very, very bumpy and eats tyres for breakfast. If you inadvertently lift your eyes from the road to admire one of the stunning Ukrainian ladies then youve probably had it, and will spend a day or two waiting for a tow truck – thats if you can telephone for help and can speak a little Ukrainian. Can you!? While we were broken down and awaiting a tow truck from Donetsk about 20 miles away, we had an Orbita TV crew come out unexpectedly to interview us – they were a total delight, and the lady reporter Evelina was, needless to say, ravishing. What an incredible country that is, with the nicest, most generous people Ive ever met, the most gorgeous women imaginable, and sunny, hot summers, the rolling countryside covered in billions of sunflowers.

    1. Matthew Matthew

      I concur after driving a few times over the years in Ukraine myself. Ha almost poetry what you wrote but yeah the roads start getting bad soon after polish border. A real culture shock at night smashing into pot holes the size of small cars. You think the locals would slow down with roads that bad but no they dont. The condition of the roads is the result of years of neglect corruption and hot and cold winters. You was lucky you never had to drive into russia some of the stans or mongolia because some are even worst then ukraine. All part of life experience and yeah i have fond memories of ukraine myself.

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